Paddling in circles

Every year for the past three Miss Bethany and I have had a standing engagement to head northeast and spend the weekend in the great outdoors. The Mohican Reservation campground provides us our destination for our escape from the real world. It is always a great time, as we light a fire, put on some music, and let the beer and conversation flow. Year one was Bethany and I, along with my ex-wife Angel. Year two it was just me and my best friend, and last year we invited Canada 1.0 and Shaun to join us. While each of those people provided us a lot of laughs and added something to the trip, the key cogs have always been her and I. I imagine they always will be. I look forward to seeing what this years will be.

Our favorite part of the trip is always the canoe trip down the Mohican River. We fill our cooler with Miller Lite and embark on our 6 hour journey right around noon. An adventure every year, the annual trek has included a couple tip overs, a peeing for distance contest between 2 women, and a load of laughs and memories that have me jonesing for spring and a chance to do it all again, no matter who our company is. But missing the weekend excursions is not the only reason I write about this topic tonight.

I have eluded to my recurring dream several times in this blog but have never really explained it. So a brief overview is that I dream about this place a lot. I know the streets, the landmarks, the buildings inside and out, and everything else there is to know. But I have never been there, nor do I know where it is or even if it exists. Last night when I finally fell asleep I visited it again. driving along I came to a place where the road forks off in two different directions. In the area between them, the "Y" if you will, there is a small pond. And a friend of mine was on that lake in a canoe. It is not anyone I know in real life, but in my sleep apparently we are close. The person was paddling with only one ore, on one side of the watercraft. As they went in circles I called out to them. I tossed a paddle and got a thank you. Then, using both, they began making progress to the shore. When the person was just about there they inexplicably tossed one of them into the water. Turning circles again my friend looked at his progress shocked, like they couldn't believe that they were back to the same thing again. Without thinking, I picked up another paddle and threw it out to them.

I have spent many an hour trying to figure out these dreams. Some are really confusing. This isn't one of them. I have a lot of friends who seem to paddle in circles, and those friends would tell you that I have been known to do the same thing. I think that is why I am so close to them. I don't need to go into details of their stories, and my one step forward two steps back journey has been well documented here. But I think the moral is pretty plain to see. I am glad to have people in my life who would through me an ore if I was paddling in circles, and am happy to do the same for them. Even if it takes a long time to finally get them to the shore

Early day tomorrow, time to turn and and try to sleep. Good Night All..............


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