No mountain you can't climb.

I sometimes write about people in my life, whether they are family or friends or in this case, colleagues. I get the pleasure of traveling quite a bit and meeting some really terrific people. There are some that I would just as soon never work with again, and some that I would work with anytime anywhere. Brother, you are one of the latter.

I know this isn't easy. The job is what it is, from Pittsburgh to Richmond to Columbus and everywhere else. Finding that hole in the wall bar in Mount Vernon, or that restaurant on the river in Louisville, or a lost maglite in a steel plant, we have had a great deal of laughs and good times. And this project wouldn't be the same without you. But I know where you are at, and I know the feeling. If you read a blog from a few days ago, you will see what my oldest boy said to me that got my attention. So when you asked me what I would do, I told you that I would stay close to them. I also understand the loyalty to TG and to our team. But he, more than anyone, would tell you to take care of your family. This isn't about you and her anymore, its about the boys. You once told me that. I am returning that favor.

I hope I don't offend you by posting about this. Talking to you, your head is clearly in a haze, wondering what is the right thing to do. I thought that by putting it in black and white, maybe it would help you out a little.

Take care my friend. Thoughts and prayers are with you, and my phone is always on, call anytime.


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