I remember being a kid in Milford how much I wanted a members only jacket. With all those zippers and hidden compartments, it was the coolest thing I had ever seen. Ever since I have always looked for coats, I have wanted one with a lot of pockets. My leather has a cell phone pocket. My suede has 7 hidden pockets. I could go on and on but you get the point. But it is funny how many pocket stories I have had in the last year.

I wrote about last New Years and the eighties party I went to at Miss B's. My date that night wore a really cool pair of ear rings that we got at rag o rama. At some point in the evening she took them off and slipped them into my pocket. I forgot to give them back to her at the end of the night, hung up the trench coat and didn't put it back on until two months ago. When I reached into the pocket I found white and black heart shaped danglers and smiled. A pocket surprise, but not the last.

When I went to the play last weekend, I found myself accompanied by the same person. We sat through the first half and during intermission went to get a bottle of water. They were selling Reese's cups and I asked her if she would like one. She said she would and I bought two, something I do almost every time. I gave them to her and we made our way back to our seast. As she ate one, she told me I should have mine. I asked her where it was and, with a grin, she said in your pocket. I reached in and indeed it was. She had slipped it in there without me even noticing. She is getting better at that, as this was the third time she had done that. The one time in between New Years and Sunday I knew she had put something there but didn't know what it was. That, however, is a story that will never see this blog, at least not in published form.

So we get to last night. I am sitting on the couch just relaxing and I reach into my sweatshirt and found a small pink pill with a B on it. I had never seen it before yet it was in my pocket. She went to the computer and looked it up, it was a Benadryl. Now, I have never taken Benadryl in my life, and the shirt has just gone through the wash the day before. I hadn't taken it off since I put in on at 6:30 am, nor had I been around anyone who had been using that medicine yesterday. I still have no idea how it got there, but I am starting to suspect that my friend is actually the worlds best anti-pick-pocket, actually putting things in other people pants and shirts.

The moral of the story is don't be surprised what might come out of my pockets. Most the time even I don't know.

Shut up Brad:)


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