Just. Plain. Cold

When I climbed into my clown car this morning to head off to work, I glanced at the outside temperature gauge on my dashboard. -3 stared at me as I tried to shake off the cold and thanked God for the invention of the remote starter. It's cold in Columbus Ohio, and when you combine that with our seven day a week schedule on this project, the result is my wish for my Vegas vacation to hurry up and get here. About 8 weeks away, I am very anxious to leave the world behind for a few days of adventure, bad decisions, and great memories. My company on that trip will be Ralph Harper II, one of my closest friends. A guitar wielding philosopher and published author, he has always been closer to me than a brother. Putting us together in the desert for a few days will be legendary. Ralph will be guest blogging on these pages in the next few days.

My very first guest blogger, Miss Bethany, appeared earlier today. Her post made me smile and I appreciate the things she said very much. You have often heard me speak about her, but I have never really elaborated on the history. As she said, we didn't care for each other 20 years ago. Actually, we hated each other. She wasn't a person who just rubbed me the wrong ay and I ignored, she was my polar opposite and arch nemesis. From her crimped hair to her New Kids on the Block buttons, her right wing views and jean jacket, she was everything I couldn't stand when I was 17 and knew everything. But its funny how as time passes and views change, how much you realize how much common ground there is. And when Angel and I were separated, I was lucky enough that she and I had put our differences behind us and found a solid friendship. Now, I could not imagine where I would be without her. So thanks Bethany for popping the cherry today. Seemed appropriate that you were the first all things considered.

The first three weeks of 2011 have been grueling yet exciting. Work has kept me chained to the project, but my limited freetime has been filled with my boys and great friends. It's a good balance to have right now. And it looks to get even better. In addition to my trip to sin city, there are other adventures on the horizon that seem to crop up every day. One of the most exciting is the possibility that my oldest son and I may take a trip to England and France this summer as a result of the Presidential Award he won last school year. I told him that it would follow him throughout his academic career, and he is starting to see that. In addition, I am planning on crossing off some other bucket list items before we get to 2012.

Tomorrow bring another day at work, at least til noon. After that I get the rest of the day off and have plans to see a play that a friend of mine is directing. Then its drinks with another friend before returning to work Monday morning. 18 hours off. Wow. Kind of feel like my first vacation of the year is coming tomorrow:)

Negative 3. Brrrr

Good Night All..............


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