Hold Your Applause

That's right. I'm poppin' the cherry on this guest blog thing. When Michael and I discussed guest blogging I was flattered. Naturally, most everything flatters me but that's neither here nor there. So here is the first guest blog and I get the honors. Thank you, Michael.

Oh. Those who don't know who I am are probably wondering "Who is this?" See what a genius I am? This is why Michael keeps me around. Those who know me know exactly who I am without my 'coming out' as it were. But to make life easy and because I was never good at riddles anyhow, I'll confess my true identity. I'm the crazy bitch. Wait...well, I am, but I'm the very crazy bitch that's been around for a long time...the BFFL...Bethany.

I remember knowing Michael in high school. I don't remember 'meeting' him per se because well, quite frankly I couldn't stand him. The feeling was mutual and continued to be until the summer of 2008. I was best friends with his now ex-wife and in order to hang out with her I had to tolerate hanging out with him. :P What I learned was when my life started to come unhinged, it was Michael, not the best friend, who stepped up to make sure all was ok with me. And I started to see a side of Michael that I was blinded from in my New Kids on the Block haze. He's actually a great guy! Imagine that!? And after things started picking up for me and unhinging for him, I was glad to return the favor...

Our friendship is very unique. It's usually something I discuss with a potential date up front as does he. Lucky for me I'm a chick and most guys are totally fine with my best friend being a guy. But girls...girls are funny. Luckily, along the way he's found a few that actually do get it. Which is good...because the few who've messed with the BFFL learn pretty quick that it's really not a fair fight. *insert innocent batting eyelashes here

It's nice to have a friend like Michael who always has your back, will drop everything and drive the length of a state or two to sit with you if you need him because your entire world just fell apart, will sit and watch you drink beer so you can claim you're just a 'social drinker' and most importantly, just be a genuine friend that you can share your life with. I tell Michael all the time how lucky he is to have me (admission: I tell everyone this) but in this rare, inaugurational blog, I will say publicly, I'm very, very lucky to have him.


  1. Oh, now I see what I have to do to get Brad to comment, just have Bethany write for me:)


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