The last seven days have been somewhat of a whirlwind on many different fronts. If you have read recently you know that my divorce was final on Tuesday of last week. An end that I had become anxious for came and went with very little fanfare. Following that, I began to think about what's next. And I realized that there doesn't have to be a next, at least for now. Content in my solitude, I am not looking for the next big thing or Miss Right to grace my life. Sure, I had a date last evening with a delightful woman. But I do not have any expectations. I have stopped planning and decided that I will let the good things come to me.

As part of that I did enjoy and evening out Friday. With no notions of something bigger, I had the time of my life. 3 bars in 6 hours, capped off with seeing the Menus made for a great birthday celebration for a great friend. A day with the boys Saturday and a DJ event Sunday, followed by the aforementioned date last night filled out my weekend. Then today.

Work was a little tenuous this morning as we all knew the worst kept secret in Belfor history was to be announced today. Sure enough, the area manager announced a change in leadership at our office. Out was the man I had called boss for more than 3 years, in was another guy whom has had a strained relationship with everyone in our office since he started in 2008. I, along with my colleagues, sat down with great skepticism as out new GM addressed the group. Yet as we listened, things began to take focus. It takes a strong person to admit their mistakes and faults, to understand that if we are not all pointing the same direction the results will be catastrophic, and to know that he needs us to do well for him to do well. As we talked, we began to get a feel for what each other was thinking and where we want to go. And for the first time I felt like we were a team rather than a group of individuals, each doing there own thing. I don't know if this was the right decision for our office, only time can tell that. But just as I knew that last Tuesday was the first day of the rest of my life personally, I know that tomorrow is the start of a new era at Belfor in Columbus, Ohio. And I am happy to be a part of that fresh start.

Looking forward to seeing my family this weekend. The boys and I will be traveling to Illinois to see my Dad, Sister and her family. My excitement is only eclipsed by my guys.


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