California Dreaming

I woke up this morning at home. Got up very early because I knew I had a lot to accomplish before my 1 pm flight to Dallas, and subsequent flight to Sacramento. I rushed through the early part of the day and was sitting at the gate at Port Columbus when they informed us that the weather had shut down the Indianapolis Airport. Simultaneously, I got a text from a friend in Louisville telling me that they were under a tornado warning. We boarded early and were wheels up before one. As we ascended to 27,000 feet I could see out the window the impending monster storm that was about to hit Columbus. The first 15 minutes were a violent ride through winds and airpockets. But once above it we sailed smooth all the way to Texas. The connecting flight was brutally long but not uncomfortable. Very little turbulence made for an uneventful trip into Northern California.

So now I am sitting in the hotel in Sacramento, actually Roseville. My first trip to California just starting, there is a lot I want to do before heading back to Buckeye land. Not sure of the hours we will be keeping at the Galleria Mall (BTW, this was a carefully planned arson that caused a lot of damage) nor am I sure of duration. My car is booked for a month, yet the emergency services have to be done by Thursday. It will be interesting to get on site tomorrow and see what role I am to play here. Either way, I will be back for Thanksgiving.

More tomorrow, hopefully I will be able to put some miles on the car and see what I can explore.


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