In and Out Burger

This morning I got up and my knee pain was as bad as its ever been. I have had a chronic knee problem as long as I can remember, but the plane ride out combined with two twelve hour days on my feet had me nearly unable to walk. I knew I could not sustain another day, so I stayed behind and rested. Pain killers, ice, heat, and sleep seemed to have calmed it down some. though the pain is still there, it is not nearly as sharp as it has been.

Several years ago, after a Fiesta Bowl win, I heard Troy Smith f the Buckeyes talking about a burger joint called In and Out Burger. He said that the reason the tried for the Arizona game was to have a burger there. I made mental note to try it if I ever came across one. Then on the plane, a gentleman from the east coast told me when he comes to Sacramento twice a year , he stops at In and Out before even visiting his parents. So naturally, I decided I needed to try it tonight. And I did not regret it. While it will never compete with The Gahanna Grill or Thurman Cafe, this place clearly is the king of fast food burgers. Almost impossible to describe, I can only tell you that BK, Wendy's, Rally's, or even White Castle have got nothing on this place. So the next time you are out west, stop by and grab one. You can thank me later.

Back to work tomorrow, hope I can keep my legs under me. Good Night All................


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