Far from extraordinary

Today was another day in what is becoming a routine in my life. It is a pattern I am growing very comfortable with, one that will serve me well for the forseeable future. Up early and into the office, focusing on my tasks at hand, and, for tonight, scooping up the boys and bringing them to my house for a night of movies and playing. If I don't have them, I take the dog for a walk, settle into a book or a movie, go have a drink with a friend, or whatever else may present itself. Its not planned. There are no appointments. Sure, I am having breakfast with Beth Saturday for her birthday. But overall, no calendar, no rushing not to be late, no worries. I am loving the spontaneous nature of my days. And when that becomes routine for you, it makes life a lot more fun. And a lot less stressful.That is a welcome change in my ever evolving life.

Another thing may have changed this week as well. Without going into specifics, it was one of those moments where you say exactly what is in your brain, and immediately regret it. But its a bell that cannot be unrung. The words and thoughts are now hanging out there. And while they were not malicious or hard, in that moment I knew that my friendship with this person had changed forever. It was a bridge I never should have crossed, and I fear it may have burned behind me. I certainly hope not, as it is difficult for me to think of that person not being there. But if I am to live my life with no regrets, then this cannot be an exception.
Time to say good night Gracie, hope you all had a terrific today and have an even better tomorrow...


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