Organized chaos

We are called to all kinds of projects all over the work. In Chile, it was a mega quake that knocked the Earth off its axis. In Tennessee, it was driving rain that flooded an entire city in less than an hour. And here in Sacramento, a mentally disturbed individual got the idea to light an entire mall on fire. I cannot imagine what kind of tortured mind devised that plan. I only know is that the right company is in place to make it right.

A crew of 200 always brings some sort of chaos. Checking everyone in every morning, assigning them tasks, and following through keeps me hopping normally. But not here. I am not the Project Manager here. In fact, I so far having been running a small team with dedicated tasks. And while the change of pace is a throw back to my field days, I cannot resist the urge to jump in. Far too many project managers seem to be make conflicting decisions regularly. At one point today we spent 2 hours outside while they put their heads together to decide what to do next. And yet, half the mall re-opened today, just one week after the fire occurred. And it looks like we will be done by black friday. So there is some organization, though the scope of work seems very scattered. Still, I look around and see my favorite auditor, 3 project managers whom I know well, and a supply supervisor who knows his job inside and out, and I think how efficient this could be if we could step in. But I am on the west coast. My skillset, and the talents of 'my team" are not well known here. So I will do as I am asked, complete the tasks given to me, and help pull this place back together one project at a time.

Its really chilly here. Kind of like home. Miss everyone!


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