2 feet stay strong

This is actually my second blog tonight. The first one I am going to keep private. So on we go.

I spent the afternoon on the beach at Alum Creek. It was a really great experience. The place was virtually deserted, and the wind was very strong. A frew stray windsurfers and bass boats dotted the horizon, but for the most part we had the beach to ourselves. We rolled our pant legs up and waded out a little, stopping to snap a few photos, then we sat on the beach and enjoyed the breeze, mixed with the sun. It was a very cool day and it's something I intend to do again.

Of course being around the water always is a good time for me to think about things.thus the private blog lol. But I will say the further I go down this path alone, the more I realize I am on this path alone. I hope that makes sense. I remember a creed that someone told me they lived by. Two feet stay strong. I understand it now, though I didn't then. And it means a lot to me today. Let's go ahead and add it to the list of creeds I live by!

To my friends not named Bethany. I miss you all. Feels as though we have drifted to being casual aquaintances. Maybe that's the way it is supposed to be. Maybe as the path behind me fades to memory, you all will too. I hope not. But since I do not know where I am headed, I guess I cannot know for sure. Either way I will stay strong on my feet, re-creating my life to something less ordinary.

I have to get up tomorrow and go to Cincinnati.So I say Good Night Everyone.


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