Walhalla Road

First let me apologize if punctuation in this post is off. I am writing it from my blackberry and sometimes apostrophes and commas are not translated well from the device.

I am now 3 days in to my vacation. The weekend was tremendous, as the boys and I did a lot of cool stuff. Bonfires and barbecues, fireworks, smoothies, and even Shrek 4. It has been awesome spending this time with them. Although I am in a tough place in life right now, they know how to make me smile.

A vacation spent cleaning and packing is not a lot of fun. However, that's what this week is for me. I spent the day scrubbing floors and cleaning up (my house has not been well taken care of while I have been gone). Tonight, I needed a break. So I made a trip to Walhalla Road.

For those not familiar, Walhalla is just off Indianola Avenue in Clintonville. Someone once asked me to drive down that street because of the uniqueness of it. It is like driving through the country, 5 minutes from downtown. Lots of little twists and turns made it hard to navigate on my frist trip there, an icey night in January. But tonight, I had the windows down and moonroof open and listened to crickets chirp, and unheard sound in the North Campus area. It was relaxing and calmed my thoughts, which had been my nemesis all day. My drive to Walhalla Road tonight was more about a trip down Memory Lane than the actual road itself. The winds of change are blowing in my life right now, hopefully for the good. But in some moments, I still very much miss the past.

Time to vacuum, yes I know how late it is. Tonite will be a sleepless night for me. While the thoughts are calmer, they are still there.

Good Night all....


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