I have all kinds of issues. I am having health problems, and am going to have to make major changes to fix them. I am having financial issues, and am losing my home next weekend. I am having personal issues, and feel like I am on an island and even questioning myself as a friend, father, brother, and son. In short, I have issues, and I have found myself being very whiny about them. Woe is me. Perspective.

I do not know the Bish family, except for the brief meeting I had at my mothers funeral. My sister knows them well. Today the Bish's were sent home from the hospital with their young son Sam. Though I cannot recall his age, I believe he is around Tanners age, 6. See, the cancer has spread through his little body. There is medically no more they can do except make him comfortable. I sit with tears in my eyes at the passing thought what if this was my son. My heart aches for them. Please please, say your prayers for that family tonite. Pray for a miracle, but also pray for their strength.

I have issues. But I am so lucky. Aren't we all. Perspective.


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