Dairy Twist

Often when I am on the road here or there, I will keep a bunch of change in the car. Never know when you are going to run across a roadside sweet corn stand or need money to feed the meter downtown. But the main reason for the quarters and dimes is for me to be able to indulge in a soft serve ice cream cone when I pass one of those little dairy twist ice cream stands you can find on the side of the road in every small town in America. And today was no exception.

I traveled north, almost to Lake Erie. On my way back I passed through Attica, Ohio, just north of Bucyrus on Route 4. Thats when I spotted the place where I could cave to my cool weakness, and I walked up to the window. "Small vanilla cone", I told the gray haired lady inside, anxiously awaiting my treat. She handed it to me. I was amazed.

The amount of ice cream she put on this cone was easily enough to feed not only myself, but could have satisfied the sweet tooth of all three of my boys. The size of this cone brought back memories of the Wampler Burger incident of 1997, and I felt almost embarrassed as I got back in the car (I actually had to duck the cone just under the door frame of the HHR to get it inside). I am proud to say, though, I was up to the task. It was fantastic.

I figured the blog had been pretty intense for a few days, needed to lighten it up. Good Night Everyone!


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