Changes are a comin

It has not been a great week by any stretch of the imagination. Starting with my visit to the Emergency Room on Sunday, I have not felt good at all. I went to the doctor Tuesday, and he informed me that not only do I need to make changes, I am going to be going through a series of tests and appointments in the coming weeks. I have never liked going to the doctor, but I am going to have to suck it up. After hearing what he had to say, I am fully on board and already beginning to make changes in my diet and habits to bring the old me back.

After the appointment I didn't feel real great. At first I thought it was stress. Then I realized it was actually the Philly Cheesesteak sub I had for lunch. I was up all night Tuesday night with food poisoning, and it continued into Wednesday. I went to work anyway, as I cannot be away from the projects I have running. Yesterday afternoon, still sick and very tired, I drove to Tennessee for my last day in Clarksville at the Sewage Treatment Plant. A meeting this morning, followed by packing my materials and equipment, and now I am in the hotel. My team wants to take me to a great restaurant in Nashville for the last dinner together, so chances are I will blog later about that.

Continues prayers are appreciated, feel like I have past the darkest place, now going to starting working my way back up. Life is what it is, and I need to take control of mine.


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