The Birthday Call

Most of you know that I lost my mother on January 5 of last year. What a lot of you may not realize is the downward spiral I soon caught myself in, and the people I left in my wake on the way to rock bottom. Today I had the chance to re-connect with one of them, one of the most important people in my life at that time. I am so happy that she is thriving in life and am grateful for the opportunity to apologize to her face to face.

She came into my life shortly after I lost mom. And though our friendship/relationship was tumultuous at times, she also was my rock and shoulder many nights when I shed tears and told her stories about my mother. She helped me more than I can ever do justice with words. She was a great friend first and foremost, and tried to catch me as I fell. I told her that I was dreading my birthday. Because every year my mother would call me at 6:30 am (the time I was born) and wish me a happy birthday. I knew that call was not coming. On March 3rd, though, at that exact hour, my phone did ring. I heard her simply say I know its not the voice you want to hear, but happy birthday. In that moment, she left an imprint on my life that no one can take away. I have so many awesome friends. But that moment of true friendship will be something I carry with me forever.

As we stood in the light rain and talked, we promised to stay in touch and continue on as friends. I certainly hope we do. But even if time and life get in the way, I will always remember the contribution she made to my life. And I will also remember what she said tonight. During that dark period of my life, she knew the person on the other side of many bad moments was not really who I am. She is right. And I see her now, flourishing in life, where she belongs, and I am both happy and proud.

Tomorrow is Friday, where has my vacation gone? Lots still to do. Good Night Everyone...


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