Happy Birthday Ben

10 years ago today we welcomed our second son into the world. Benjamin Jacob Newman is my little artist who is everything you would think a boy should be. He loves his superheroes (Spiderman and Ironman especially), is very sweet and polite most the time, but has his moments where you would swear he is a demon spawn. But he is my Benny through and through and I wouldn't change any part of him for anything in the world. Happy Birthday Ben!

My vacation is over, but my venue has changed. I am no longer in Clarksville, Tennessee. I have a new project in a new city. The good news is that the new city is home!! So I get to see the boys and spend my time with them while I am here. I do have to make a return trip to Middle Tennessee at the end of the week, but it should be my last trip there for awhile. I will miss the great people I met there, but truthfully, I am glad to be in Columbus.

It was a very interesting vacation. I saw some people I hadn't seen in awhile, which is always good for the soul. I got a lot done at the house and even made a couple trips to Pittsburgh. But the end of the week presented a scare. I have said I am dealing with some things and needed prayers. And still do. Yesterday I spent the afternoon in the Emergency Room. As many of you know, I am not a go to the doctor kind of guy. But yesterday scared me very much. I did not have a heart attack, though all the symptoms were there. They cannot tell me for sure what exactly happened or is going on, and told me to see a cardiologist as well as my family doctor. I have one appointment set for tomorrow, and we will see what happens from there.


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