The Delete Button

I think the greatest invention in the history of our technologically driven society has to be the delete button. Think about it, with one press of control d you can erase files and pictures and pretty much anything else you do not want bogging down your computer, phone, or device. When I moved out of my house, my ex wife deleted my Mii from the Wii. Her little way of revenge I suppose. When I had a stalker on facebook, I deleted their profile. Good bye! But I did not know the full power of that delete button until last night. I used it many times and felt suddenly free, liberated, almost happy, though the moment was bittersweet. And it did leave me wishing the delete button worked for my real life memory too.

In order to forget the past we must face an uncertain future. I have heard that expression time and time again and now am living by its words. I am cautiously excited about what the next few months holds. I could be making one of the biggest mistakes of my life. Or I could be taking the first step down the path that leads to the rest of my life. Its scarey and nerve racking, yet exhilerating. I am not the guy who flys by the seat of his pants. I always have a plan and I always know the direction I am pointing. For the first time ever, those two things are lacking in my life. I can honestly say I do not know where I will be in a year. Will I be in this city? In the same job? Even still alive? Those are all real and valid questions that I face. So I am going to change my way of thinking. I will live by the seat of my pants. I will no longer take my health for granted. I will not let the memory of someone else govern my happiness. I will take a leap today and see what happens tomorrow. No reason not to now. And the person making the jump with me- well she makes me smile. And I am happy she is the one leaping with me. So if you need me, you will find me there, next to her.
Work tomorrow, so time to say good night all....


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