Let Freedom Ring

Many people know that this weekend is my favorite weekend of the year. The Fourth of July is by far and away my favorite holiday. It signals the start of summer. It mean bonfires and music and fireworks. But mostly, it is a celebration of our nation, our freedom, and our way of life.

I do not speak about my real father very often. It is not out of bitterness or hard feelings. My Dad is Michael Bromberg and has been since since I was 13. And I could not ask for a better role model. My father, John Michael Slusher, seemed like a long lost uncle when I was growing up rather than a Dad. But it was because of his calling in life. My Father was in the US Air Force. He served his country for 19 and a half years before passing away suddenly in 1996. I am proud of his service to our country, and keep a photograph of him in dress blues on my dresser at home. It is a reminder to me of where I cam from and, no matter how bad things get, how grateful I should be to him and all servicemen for the freedom to have my little difficulties and celebrations in life. If you are serving our country in anyway, or have a loved one who has, I thank you and salute you.

Tomorrow morning I pack the car and head back home for a much needed vacation. Sure I will be spending the next 9 days packing my home and preparing to move, but I won't be here, in Clarksville Tennesse, away from those I love and care about. I have a lot of visits I am going to try to squeeze in. A trip to Pittsburgh may also be in order. I will not be blogging much, but promise I will pick it back up when I am done with my time off. I am sure there will be lots to talk about then. And if inspiration strikes before then, a surprise pose may appear.

Happy 4th of July everyone. Celebrate responsibly and take a moment to remember those who make this day possible. Good Night Everyone...............


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