We were not raised this way

Last friday nights events have left a lingering theme in my head. If you read the blog I posted earlier you know that the start of the weekend was pretty adventurous, and the words of a friend that night keep replaying in my thoughts. I tried to figure out why they would considering in her context, they had nothing to do with me. But there they are. We were not raised this way. So I thought I should sit down and see what comes to mind as I try to figure it out.

When I was younger - I mean a lot younger - there was a place I went to that I truly considered home. Before and during the time my mom was married to the monster, we moved around a lot and never found true stability until 1986, when she married my dad. But there were some rough years in between. Back then home was always 10940 Morrow-Rossburg Road in Pleasant Plain, Ohio. My aunts, uncles, and siblings recognize this address as that of my Grandparents, Mama and Papa Hodge. We spent a lot of time there growing up, and for years after we moved I would still return to their vacant home everytime I returned to the area to visit family. I felt so at ease there, and it was probably because I was a kid with no idea of a job, bills, responsibility etc. But even as I got older I went there to find comfort, walking around the work shop or sitting on the hill or by the creek. I haven't been there in a long time, but it was such an integral part of my younger years that I still smile when I remember the cracked red and white kitchen floor and my grandpas deer head hanging in the den. It was a home full of warmth, with theirs being the original story of real love and handing down a legacy that was sequeled by my mom and Mike, Uncle Ronnie (Hodge) and Aunt Pam, Uncle Ronnie (Mason) and Aunt Debbie, and Uncle David and Aunt Lora.

I am not sure if I have ever said this before, but my family is very religious. I believe all of the above mentioned aunts and uncles are now or have been involved in ministry in some way. My Uncle Ronnie Hodge is a Senior Pastor. Debbie is a youth minister, and David has used his musical gifts in church over the years many times. Combine that with my mom's theology degree, and you can see that my grandparents really went 4 for 4. Thats how we, the next generation were raised as well. And while my siblings and cousins may not have followed the path our parents did, I think all of us still have a firm faith that was instilled in us from birth.

Turning my attention to the present day, I have blogged recently that I felt like someone is screaming at me. And the corrolation between that and my upbringing has become a little clearer. What I didn't mention was my birthday. On that day, my Uncle Ronnie, the pastor, called me to wish me a happy birthday. I cannot remember the last time that happened and it meant the world to me. And when I combine that with the accidents and other things going on in my life, I once again felt as though I was being tapped on the shoulder by someone trying to get a message to me.

I know, this seems a little scattered, but I am gonna put a bow on it I promise.

Life is definitely in a state of constant transition. It is fluid and I never know what to expect day to day. Between the accidents and health concerns, professional uneasiness, and personal issues, it feels like the rivets could pop loose any moment and send the whole thing spinning out of control. Sometimes it is not a bad idea to step back and say what could I be doing differently to bring more positive into my life. And its kinda interesting that when I asked that question of myself and the universe, I got an answer back.

Stephanie and Marty Nixon are new friends of mine in comparison to most in my life. Steph and I have worked together for four years, with Marty being one of our regular subs. A very active and strong young couple, they keep talking to me about their church and what a blessing it has brought to their lives. They have asked me to go several times. Bugging me about it. Pestering me really lol. Saturday Nights. Rod Parsley is the pastor. Thats strikes one and two, as I am not a big church guy and I am definitely not a Rod Parsley follower. But the pull seems to be there with them and my ever present screaming stalker in the background. I have not really taken my boys to church based on my own beliefs. However, as I thought of the words of my friend, thats not how I was raised. They do not know their versions of the Michelle Collins or Billy Fyffes, John Hargraves or Dorothy Trents, all of whom I went to church with for years growing up. Not only that, but in a time of my life when nothing is solid except the two feet I stand on, maybe it is time to find some steadier ground. After all, that is how I was raised. So we are going tonight. Could be the start of something great, for them and me. If not, we gave it a shot right?

For those who have asked, I had my MRI on my head yesterday morning. I am waiting for the doctor to call me to go over results. Also, physical therapy on my back starts next week. Three times a week for a month.

Its going to be beautiful today here in Columbus. Get out and enjoy it, as they are calling for snow by the end of the week. Happy Saturday everyone.................

** Date and time published may be wrong on this blog as it was composed over several days. Actual publish time is Saturday 3-19-2011 at 9:40 am


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