Breakfast at Tiffany's

Today was a bit of an adventure. I went to the office expecting to knock out a couple of small, back burner tasks. Instead I wound up on the road to West Viriginia by 9 am. The drive down was pleasant, as it was sunny and mid seventies. A few hours in the town of Nitro and I was headed back north, this time battling winds and rain for much of the trip. It slowed me down a little and by the time I got back in to Columbus, I was ready to relax. I stopped at Purple's, and she asked me to watch a movie with her.

Anyone who knows me know that my favorite movie is Walk the Line. Sure I knew bits and pieces of the Johnny and June story before seeing it, but I had a whole new perspective after. Breakfast at Tiffany's is her favorite movie, and I had never seen it. I had read the Truman Capote novel. But watching it, like the first time I watched my movie, I gained new perspective. The plot of the movie is simple enough, with Holly being a New York socialite, spoiled by her suitors and always striving to have more than she did. When she met her neighbor, he sparked a little bit of a deeper interest inside her. They became fast friends and she became his inspiration. They shared a romantic moment or two, fun and silly moments, and, of course moved beyond the friend zone. In that moment things seemed to be perfect, but she backed away and returned to the pattern she had been in before. Eventually, however, she faced her past, and he realized he didn't have anything of substance as well. When it all fell apart, he was there for her through not only some trouble, but tragedy as well. And like all good love stories, they wound up together in the end.

Wouldn't it be great if everyone could have a happy ending like that. I have blogged many many times about the real thing, people who have found the one, the person they are supposed to be with. And I will write about it again, I am certain of it. I think its what we all want, to love someone completely and have them love you back the same way. To never feel like you are a second best or the next option, much like Holly did when Paul was with his female companion, and how he felt when she was pining over the rich man at the party. But realistically, I think most people find someone they are comfortable with and settle into the routine. No question they love each other, but I doubt they are getting cracker jack prizes engraved or autographing books in a library. Those little things, those cool moments you remember for a lifetime, are the sparks that start the fire that burns inside one person for another. Only in today's world, it is hard to give yourself to that. Especially if that fire has burned you before.

Tomorrow its back to West Virginia, followed by another new project in Kentucky. Its gonna be a long day on the road. So it is time to turn in.

Good Night All...............


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