I'm the map

I am known for being Mr. Direction. Several times a week I will get a call from someone to ask how to get from point A to point B, and normally I can get them where they need to go. I had one person tell me that she could call me and only describe the trees and I could know exactly where she is at. Another simply calls me the map (if you have kids, you know the map Dora has in the back pack).

My issue seems to be finding my own direction. Sure I recognize the path I am on. I know where I am and where I want to be and am trying to make those roads intersect. But I am terribly out of my comfort zone right now. With the medical things going on combined with other issues going on in life, both personally and professionally, I am feeling a bit uneasy about where things stand today. I am not necessarily saying those are all bad things, though work stuff could really be negative if it plays the way I think it will. Personal stuff could go awry as well, though right now it seems to be balanced. But it kinda feels like one small shift either way could bring the whole thing tumbling down.

I spent yesterday going back to work after vacation and trying to get a sense of where things stand at the Columbus office. I still am as in the dark as I was before the project ended. But I also went kind of quiet to those around me. Ridiculously quiet as one person said. Its not a matter of being upset or angry, it's just that I needed to take a day to focus on my life and make sure that I am staying on the path I want to be on, no matter how uncomfortable it may be. Simply put, I needed to be my own map cause I was feeling a little lost. No worries though, after re-reading some old blogs and writing a new one, I think I am right back on course.

If theres a place you want to go, I can get you there you know, I'm the map. I'm the map I'm the map. If theres a place you wanna get, I can get you there I bet I'm the map. I'm the map I'm the map, I'M THE MAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its an incredibly crappy day outside, lots of rain and more to come here in Central Ohio. Hope its better where ever you may be reading. Have a great day everyone!!!


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