Lions and Lambs

March is a month that is noted for "Coming in like a lion, going out like a lamb". Being that my birthday is on the 3rd, I can agree with that. I have often said that the world change and maybe even shuddered a bit the day I was born. But this saying really applies to this past weekend for me, as it really fits perfectly into my Friday through Sunday adventure that has left me in a state of introspection today. Thus the lunchtime blog.

So many people wanted a piece of my time Friday evening. Purple wanted me to have drinks on her last night in Columbus before she moves away. High school prom date wanted to get together, and even my good friend the attorney wanted to know if I wanted to have dinner. But alas, in the end, Miss B wanted to have beers and see a movie, and that is a proposition I will very rarely turn down. So she arrived at my home about 7 or so, and we had some drinks and turned on a movie. We talked and laughed as usual, with the afore mentioned prom date joining us a little later in the evening. Miss B began to feel sick, and I could tell by her flush cheeks and red nose that she was getting a cold. Soon, she fell asleep on my couch, only waking to cough or relieve her very stuffed up nose. I was getting ready to crash myself when I got a strange text, followed by a phone call.

If you polled the people in my life you would find that each one would tell you if they were in trouble or their world had fallen apart and they needed me to come where they are, I would. I have dropped everything to drive from Columbus to Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh to Columbus, and many other places for these people who would do the same for me. So when the text and ensuing words from a friend came in, I was in the car, leaving my company for the evening at my home while I left in the middle of the night.

To hear the story, I understood why she needed to get there, what she had learned, and even where her shoes had gone. I took her home and went back to my house to find my bed. Miss B had gone home, not feeling well at all. I fell asleep knowing I had to be up in a few short hours to help purple move.

Saturday came and Mr Reliable, Brad, arrived to help me with the task at hand. We loaded the truck with her belongings, which took longer than anticipated. We drove them down to her new home and by the time we were done, Brad was ready to go. I ran home, packed a bag, and headed back to Purple's. Yesterday was more of the same, moving and helping her organize. She is just about 100% moved and set up in the new house. I am very happy for her that she was able to make this move, which she has been excited about for awhile. And while the geographical change is gonna take some adjusting, as I am sure things will change, I know that its what she wants. And hey, Bobbi moved to Pittsburgh and I managed to survive that lol.

I left at about seven and just isolated myself from the world for the rest of the evening. It had been a very long weekend and I was just ready to crash.

Boys tonight, going to be a great time. Happy Monday Y'all.


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