Ice possible

You don't have to read this blog to know that most of the country is being slammed by a major winter storm. Chances are, all you have to do is look out your window to see the wonder of mother nature in one of her ugliest forms. Here in Columbus, Ohio we have been hovering just above and below freezing for almost 24 hours, causing freezing rain and ice build up and really treacherous driving and walking conditions.

I rarely let winter weather get to me. I learned to drive in the winter here. Slush and snow and sleet are part of our lives every winter, and life goes on. But from my first step outside this morning, I knew this wasn't your average winter storm. The first one was slippery and I almost hit the ground. A little later I did find the pavement with my backside. But I made it to the car and headed out. After almost taking out the vehicle next to me when I went sideways out of the parking spot due to the slippery conditions, I crept along to work. Once there I was able to see in the light of day just how covered the world was with ice. At least a quarter an inch made the walk from the parking lot into work an adventure.

By the time it came to leave for the day, some of the frozen tundra had melted into a thick slush. Much easier to walk and drive through, I took a friend up on the offer of crab legs and good company for the evening. We had a great time and when it was time to leave I headed back out to the car. Everything had refrozen, including the stuff that had melted down early. The drive from her home to mine, normally taking about fifteen minutes, was more like an hour. As I drove my clown car slipped and struggled to find traction. The cars, roads, trees, power lines, and everything else were frozen over. When I was struggling to make it up Morse Road's incline, I looked down and my dashboard display said "Ice Possible". Really? I had no idea.

I got home and again nearly lost my footing as I walked to the apartment. I made it in and went to my bedroom to take my coat off and get settled. It was then I noticed the wet carpet. Walking into the bathroom, I immediately saw the problem. A pipe had broken above my bathroom and I had a waterfall coming in through the ceiling. I grabbed a catch basin, a bunch of towels, and a mop. I cleaned up the water while maintenance came and fixed the pipe. Tomorrow, I will need to start drying it out, followed by repairing the place. The emergency crew told me there was 3 of these in the complex tonight, so we may have a nice new project on our hands.

Now I sit here, lights flickering, knowing we have 24 hours to go in this storm. More ice is predicted over night, and it will be interesting to see what the road conditions are like tomorrow. Either way I will be up and out early, no matter what mother nature chooses to throw our way.

I hope this blog finds you all safe, warm, and with power. Good Night All.................


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