Fender Bender

Yesterday morning was hectic. Being that we are winding the project down, it has come to crunch time this week. We all have a lot to do in order to meet the deadline. My morning was already 3 hours old when I left to go get a couple of team members just before 9 am. I had already been to Home Depot and Lowe's, and needed to hurry because my next stop after this errand was to get a truck from our shop. Icy roads made the schedule even tighter as I made my way to get the guys in Daniels rental car(clown car only seats two). Stopped at a light a block from the job site, I impatiently waited the green arrow to flash so I could get moving. As I reached up to turn the radio station, I was jolted back into my seat. Another car had slid on the ice and right into me.

I jumped out of the car to make sure the person driving was ok. She was. A 22 year old business traveler from Massachusetts, she was near tears as she apologized for what had happened. I told her I understood the ice, and we pulled off the side of the road. My car was virtually undamaged, but her Hyundai was really scuffed up. I took photos, then tried to bend down to see the under carriage of the one I was in. But my back stiffened up and I realized the impact had been harder than it seemed. After we exchanged information, I headed to the doctor to get checked. I was done working for the day.

He told me that my injury was most likely muscular. He prescribed me some medications and asked me to have an MRI. I agreed to schedule that and left, as I needed to file the police report. A quick trip downtown to police headquarters and that was done. Then I filed the reports for corporate, sent them off, ran back to the job to get my laptop, and headed out. It was a long day wasted because of the ice on the road.

The day ended relaxing and having great conversation again. But I still went to bed last night a little fried and a little sore. I am on vacation next week, a much needed escape from the grind that I have been feeling for the last month.

Good Night All................................


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