Bag Phones and Facebook

Remember your first cell phone? I do. It was 1992 and Brad and I decided that we were going to be on the cutting edge of society. So off to cellular one we went, and walked out with the newest, coolest mobile phone you could buy. Big and bulky compared to todays standard, this sleek model came with a base and a strap so we could wear it like a purse. But the best feature was the cord. Yes, phones used to have cords, even the cells. We tooled around town like big shots, him in his Cavalier and me in my 1978 bright yellow LeBaron tank. We called each other while in Meijer. We called each other while we were at Cushions. "What do you want to play on the jukebox." Then we got our first bill, and minutes weren't cheap. It would be after I got married and we had a mounted car phone before I felt so technologically advanced again.

Now, in 2011, I see how far we have really come and wonder how much more we can create. I carry a work blackberry and my own "device" as well. An EVO from Android, this thing is a sight to behold. With it's own built in navigation, satellite TV and radio, Amazon Kindle, and flashlight, it is my modern day bag phone. The latest and greatest. It is it's own wifi hotspot, giving a signal to the very laptop I am writing this on. And of course it can get to all my favorite websites, including Facebook.

The social network pages have exploded over the last few years. Starting with AOL and ICQ chat, we went through MySpace and got to FB. As soon as I signed up a few years ago friends that I hadn't talked to in 15 years added me to their list. And more keep adding me everyday. A few days ago, though, I saw a name that I hadn't seen in years. Add as friend was an easy decision to make and I reconnected with the past once again.

I was 15 when I met Hope. She was my first real girlfriend, and we were in instant puppy love. We talked all the time as kids will do. We got matching swatch watches. We got busted when my sister drove us to a basketball game and we disappeared. She was cool and sweet and folded her notes into little house shapes and gave new meaning to the term Let's do Lunch. And though we touched base a few times since, I hadn't talked to her in more than 10 years.

A mother of two, she has established what seems like a good life for herself. We have spoken a little about her job, but more about life and kids. I told her about the boys and the divorce, and she told me about her son and daughter and the things that make them great. As we chatted away it occurred to me that if we were still in the yellow pages age, we probably would never have even had the chance to say hi and catch up. And chances are neither of us would have even given it a second thought. But adding her to my friends list means we can say hello and see how the other is doing.

Talking to a friend the other night, she said thats what Facebook is really all about. Not necessarily chatting every one up all the time, but just checking up to see how they are. I have to agree. I have a lot of friends on my list. From people I met on the job in Tennessee or Chile to people I went to school with. I can check on my sister and her family who are 400 miles away. I can read the statuses of my Aunts and Uncles for updates on my family in Cincinnati. I can see where in the world my co-workers are at this week. And I can even see an old friend do a happy dance because the school district she works for had 2 snow days in a row. Its really good to live in an age where we can think about someone and wonder how they are doing, then just look at our phone and find out. It's a cool time to be alive.

Boys are tucked in, and I am just about to turn in myself. Looks to be a great weekend with them here. Good Night All.................


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