The Ultimate Best Friend Sin

I have had some truly embarrassing moments in my life. There have been moments when all I wanted to do was bury my head until no one was looking. There was the blurting of the wrong thing at my sons birthday party. Everyone had been talking, but when I said those words, everyone had gone silent a split second before. There was the moment when a child informed her mother that the bed frame in her mothers room had been bent. I wanted to get up and walk out my face was so red. There was the moment I woke up in the middle of the night and....yeah, not sharing that one. But when your best friend reveals a secret vowed to be kept private, the audience and reaction made me want to slink under that table and disappear.

When you have a member of the opposite sex as your best friend, you don't have to worry about regular issues. I am never gonna sleep with one of Bethany's exes, and vice versa. We will never show up with the same shirt on, nor will we both call dibbs on the red head at the bar. Those are great reasons why we are such good friends. Another reason is that we can be supportive of each other, help each other through the bad times, and do things that we wouldn't do for any other friends. No not those things gutterminds, things such as sitting on her couch curled up watching a movie with her on a bad night for her. That's the moment in question here. She was really down the day of the Michigan game. She asked me to stay and watch that movie, that horrible movie. I did it to be a friend to her. I did it to be the nice guy that everyone thinks I am. No good deed goes unpunished.

Last evening, as noted in my blog, I set her up with a work friend. He's a good guy, and I figured they would get along. Daniel and I met her at the bar, along with the senior project manager on the job. Now understand, these two guys, they are probably my best friends at Belfor. We have worked so many jobs together and we get along, which makes the project run very smoothly. However, they are also two of the three biggest practical jokers in the company. I am the third, and it turns out it may be my turn to be set up for a laugh as I have gotten each of them recently. Ok back to the story.

The four of us there at the bar. Miss B, Daniel, Terry, and me. The drinks were flowing and we were having some laughs. Bethany brought up that movie. That god forsaken movie. Daniel and Terry both said "we would never watch that" to which, inexplicably, Bethany picked me up and threw me directly under the bus. Laughing and pointing at me, she said, he watched it with me.I was shocked and caught with a deer in the headlights look. Daniel fell off his chair laughing, Terry sat with his mouth agape, just looking at me.

The rest of the evening was filled with apologies from her, one liners from the guys, daniel surveying all the other guys at the bar whether they would ever watch it, and the thoughts in my head of what the rest of this project is going to be like. All 80 days of it. My life may never be the same!

No worries, I still love ya Miss B

No Brad I will NOT name the movie.

No Daniel or B, neither will you. Comment moderation is ON lol.

It was still a great night all in all. I enjoy the time with friends and hope that's not the last time we all hang out. Just hope we have a different topic of conversation next time.


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