The Brady Bunch

I have mentioned several times how many great friends I have in my life. My ties to them have been well documented in the pages of this blog. One of them has been unrecognized here until tonight. Jenn has been a friend of mine for only a couple years, yet we say all the time that it feels like much longer. And God knows we have been through a lot in that short period. But she knows she can count on me, and vice versa. So today when she asked a favor, it was a no brainer.

Six kids are sleeping in my house right now. That's right, six. Jenn's 3 girls came over about noon today and will be here til the morning. Now most of the time that many all at once would be a handful. But not in this instance. Just as she and I get along famously, so do the kids. The older 3 play video games and hang out together, while the younger ones color and watch PBS kids. It has always been that way since the first time they met. I adore those little girls and love having them over. So days like today, which could be hectic and a little wild under normal circumstances, are actually a joy. Past, time, and distance seem to be non factors in the friendship I have with their mother, and seem to disappear when they play as well. I am grateful to have them as part of my life.

Changing subjects completely, isn't it funny how random little things can take you back to another place and time? That has happened to me more than once this week, each time making me smile. Its been a good week overall, a lot better than I had anticipated. I sincerely hope that continues.

Now to figure out what to make 6 kids for breakfast in the morning. And to set the timer on the coffe pot. Think I am gonna need it. Night all!


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