A December to Remember

I have spent a good amount of time lamenting about December of 2008 recently. Maybe its the thought of being alone on Christmas that has me thinking about that December that I wish had never happened. But in shifting gears a little, last December was actually a time of excitement and new experience. It was a time in my life I will never forget.

A year ago I was in a hotel in Springfield, Oregon. I had flown out to help that office wade through dozens of claims thanks to a deep freeze not seen there for 50 years. I spent my days driving up and down I-5 with snow capped mountains lining each side. Truly one of mother nature's most majestic scenes, I often stopped on the side of the road to snap photographs. I remember standing on the shore in Coos Bay thinking that just a week earlier I had been standing on Virginia Beach. This trip out west marked so many firsts for me. My first time on a plane, from Columbus to Minneapolis, then on to Portland. My first time west of the Mississippi, save the Minnesota trip in 08. My first time in Seattle, a lifelong bucket list item I crossed off when I drove up and saw old friends over a weekend while in Oregon. And it was the first time I ever put those words together and placed them on that site. The words that ultimately would lead me to one of the most amazing times of my life, and would change the very fiber of who I am. The trip out west was an awesome experience, and the trip home was exhilerating. Just as I will be recounting two years ago, I am sure that in the coming days I will recall the journey back and the days that followed. But for tonight, 3 little boys are tucked in bed, the laundry is done and the dog has been walked. Time to drift off to sleep. Good night all.


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