The third wheel

I am not a matchmaker. I have never said this person would be perfect for that person. The thought has never crossed my mind to hook my friends up with the next Mr. Right, Or Miss Right Now. And yet, I somehow have gotten myself into that very situation. They meet tonight, this whole package blond and the southern son of a bitch. I am not really sure what to expect, I only know that I am to be there as their chaperon for the evening. And that is fine. As they chat and get to know each other, I can check out the waitresses at the bar or watch women's volleyball on ESPN 9. But really, no one wants to be the third wheel, right? So the point of this short lunchtime blog? If you are free tonight feel free to hit me up, and join us for a Miller Lite or adult beverage of your choice. I could use the company. And you might enjoy the show!


  1. Some of the worlds best people are Southern Sons of Bitches.


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