It's a Krispy Kreme morning

I spent the fall of 2009 in Louisville, Kentucky at Norton Medical Center. A 100 year storm had left the entire city under water, and I was assigned to the hospital along with Terry Guinn, a National Project Manager. During the stay, every few days Terry would look at me at 7 am and say "Mike, it's a Krispy Kreme morning". With that, I would jump into my truck, drive 12 miles to the only Krispy Kreme donut shop in Louisville, get 3 dozen original glazed and have them back by his 8 am meeting. It became a funny ritual and a foot note in my travel tales. Flash forward to today.

Terry has yet to feed that craving while we are on our current project. Thinking he wasn't even aware there was a store to buy that glazed goodness, I figured I was in the clear. But at 6 pm, just as I was walking out of the project today, he said those words. Tomorrow, as it turns out, is a Krispy Kreme morning. Which means I will be up a little earlier tomorrow to get the treats to Mr. Guinn by 8 am. A small price to pay to keep a happy boss.

I have been absent for the last few days. Between decorating for Christmas, the long hours at work, and helping my son through some pre-teen issues, it got kind of hectic for a few days. While dealing with everyday life keeps me distracted, my mind trails back to December every night in bed. I think about the trips to and from, each time seeing my mother getting gradually weaker.

Then I get caught up thinking about last December, as one year ago today I made the drive from Seattle back to Springfield, Oregon. A five hour trek down I-5, it was spent emailing back and forth with a new friend. I get caught up in thinking about the trip back to Ohio, a travel day from hell that had a great reward when I wearily pulled into Columbus at midnight.

It is easy to get lost in the Decembers of the past when so much history revolves around this month. Yet I also find myself making new Christmas memories with my boys, starting holiday traditions that we will keep for years to come. Maybe 365 days from now I will write about this holiday season. Like it being the first year I displayed my mothers Christmas decorations in my apartment, as they light the keyboard while I write this. Or about how I will spend this Christmas Eve alone, only seeing my boys on Christmas morning at their moms. Either way, it continues to be a month of remembering the past and recording the present.

I must be off now, after all tomorrow is a Krispy Kreme morning!


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