A Mix of this and that

As you can probably tell, December is thick with memories for me. From the very special Christmas Eve's at my grandparents home as a kid, to the welcoming of Tanner in 2003, from my mothers battle 2 years ago to the very cool memories made last year, I will be sharing a lot of my past during this month. It's been such an up and down month over the years that it becomes both easier and more difficult to enjoy the Holidays as time passes. I only wish I had been blogging for much longer so I could have captured my thoughts in those moments. Woulda, shoulda, coulda right? But I will do my best to describe the memories, if only for my own personal journal reasons. Hopefully I won't bore you to tears. Apparently I haven't so far.

For the first time today I looked at the stats that blogspot keeps for me. I was exploring, trying to figure a few things out since all I know how to do is post and put it on Facebook. In looking over all the information, I found that this blog has been viewed almost 1800 times. It has been viewed all over the US, from Alaska to Florida, and in a couple other countries as well. I was blown away. Thank you for reading. Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts and experiences. I write this blog so I can read it in the future. I am glad you all read it to.

Looks like a trip to Vegas is on my agenda in the Spring. Could be my first real vacation in 15 years. Details as time goes by.


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