I am not a twitter guy. Never have been. Not that I have any issue or fundamental belief that as to why I should not use it, but who would want to follow me? I write this blog, have a facebook, am the owner of a growing linked in account and, as unlikely as it may sound, real life friends. Why press my luck by asking people to associate with me in yet another cyber world.

My lack of a twitter handle means I also do not regularly participate in hashtags. I get how it works, you # something and it makes that appear in twitter feed aimed at that topic. But I have never felt the need to #Awesome McAwesomesauce whenever someone says my name (btw that is what Siri calls me, and you should too:). Sure I could have hashtagged Matchbox Car when Ralph picked up the first rental for the trip out west. Or #growing up too fast when John-Michael went to prom. Maybe even #broke when we signed the boys up for their summer camps. But I refrained, knowing that the only people who would have read my tweets were my wife, spammers, and the United States Government.

Our house is cool. I come home every day and look around and feel more at home than I have ever felt in my life. The walls are covered in signs and photos and artifacts, each one with their own backstory. The New York picture we picked off the side of the road in Victorian Village. The Saloon sign we retrieved from a burn pile at a yard sale in Pataskala. And of course, the  pocket watchburlap sack, and blue jean quilt that mean more to me than you can possible imagine.

Not long ago, we re-painted part of our house. As part of that project, we painted the hall outside the boys rooms white. Then we stenciled the words "Slusher Family Wall" in the middle and hung a sharpie marker on it. We then told each of the boys they could write on those walls. They could sign and date, draw artwork, or express themselves however they wanted, as long as everything written was family friendly. We also decided that every person who comes to our house should sign as well.

The results, so far, have been great! Every person in my family has signed, and many of our friends as well. John-Michael marked his first prom. Ben drew a Goku. Tanner expressed his love of the Buckeyes. And Tiffany and I exchanged sappy messages on our anniversary.

2 days ago John-Michael came home from his friends. As always, he raised the garage door to put his bike away. But, on that day, the garage door collapsed. More specifically, the top panel fell out of track, and it was not easily popped back in. So my friend Dave came over and showed me how to put it back together and make the door functional again. Tonight, unhandy Mike once again fixed something around the house, as the garage door is back in place and rolls up and down as designed.

After finishing the task, I came upstairs and stood in front of the Slusher Family Wall. I picked up the sharpie and wrote out "5-7-14 - I fixed the garage door. # handy"

Day # 429. Maybe I should use hashtags and become a twitter guy after all after. Follow me @theslush73. It is good to be me!


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