Getting paid to follow the passion

My job is very rewarding. Everyday, I get to help people whose lives have been interrupted by some type of disaster. Some days, its a little inconvenient for them, when my crews are cleaning the walls of their home or our fans are on, drying the carpet. Other days, it requires a bit more finesse as memories and momentos went up in flames or, even worse, lives were lost.

It is in these moments that the profession hooked me and I perfected my craft. I have received commendations from higher ups, endorsement letters from happy clients, and even had a competitor tell me that "they won't even try to sell a claim if I am going to be involved." All very welcome accolades, as I truly enjoy being Mike the fire guy. It's a passion. But not the passion.

Every few days I sit down and share my thoughts and stories with all of you. Some days "all of you" amounts to a dozen reads, other days there are hundreds. And I am ok with either. I have always said this blog is for me, and it always will be. Oh sure, there will come a time when I will most likely print out the posts and share them with my boys, so they can see where I have been. But really, I spend a lot of time re-reading old posts and reflecting on life. It's who I am. And recently I have come to realize that more and more.

I have always had a notion to write on a grander scale. Maybe see about blogging for a sports team or writing a book. I have have never been sure though, as I am more of a story teller than a researched based or imagination driven guy. Still, the older I get, the more I have the desire to follow the passion. A passion that drove my mother, a published author herself and the inspiration for this page.

I make no secret of this blog to anyone. There are a lot of things I don't, or won't, share hear as some thoughts are so private that I have to keep them to myself. But still, I often will tell people I am a blogger and ask them to read. And in doing that an opportunity arose.

At the Mammoth, my boss is beginning to understand how important social media marketing can be. We have started a Facebook page and Twitter handle, and he wants to expand even more. He asked me if we could start a Linkedin page, and I told him I would. Then he asked me to blog.

He said I could do it in my spare time and he would pay me per post. I was a little shocked, as it was the first time someone has offered to pay me to write. I gladly accepted and have since put together a template and couple of quick articles. I will show them tomorrow and, if all goes well, I will be a paid writer for the very first time. Kind of cool.

Today is Mother's day. As I bask in the glory of this very minor accomplishment, I think about my Mom. She was such an amazing person, and I am so grateful for everything she passed down to me. The coordination of a drunk person. A strong sense of family and right and wrong. And the ability to put my words together in such a way as they don't bore you all to tears. Thanks Mom. I love and miss you very much.

Day # 433. My wife enjoyed Mother's Day with our guys for the first time. Cards and gifts and new notes on the Slusher Family Wall let her know how lucky we all are to have her here. It is good to be me!


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