A (great) change in Operations

Several years ago, while working on a project in Kentucky with my mentor, he paid me quite a compliment. He told me if Belfor (where I was employed at that time) opened an office in Louisville, that I should apply to be the General Manager. I remember being a little taken aback by his statement, even telling him I was no where near qualified to be in that position. He smiled and said "I think you are, Mike." And while I wasn't sure TG was right, it is a moment I never forgot.

Don't get me wrong, I have been in that role before. But a Fuddruckers that did 20,000 a week in Westerville, Ohio is not even in the same universe as a full service restoration company that would break 20 million a year. Looking back, I know I was not ready then.

Recently at Mammoth, we have had to face a serious time of transition. The other project manager, who has been with my boss since the company was in it's infancy, decided to pursue his passion and left about a month ago. And simultaneously, our super marketing rep, Jane, received an offer she could not refuse from outside the industry. Both major losses that left my boss wondering how to best fill those positions without letting out standards lapse. We have a very good reputation in the industry, and these two individuals were a huge part of that.

After putting a great deal of thought into the next step, my boss decided to do a little re-organizing. He would take the place of Jane in the marketplace and reinforce the relationships they have been building for years. As a result, he has asked me to step into an Operations role, handing over much of my current responsibility to a rising superstar in our company.  I will be responsible for the day to day functions of 2 divisions of the company. I will be able to learn new things and see the business as I have never seen before.I happily agreed and we began to game plan how to get through this transition smoothly.

Tonight we said good bye to Jane at an all out soiree at Easton Town Center. It is the end of an era, as I have worked with her at three companies through the years. She is truly the best marketer I have ever worked with, and she will be missed. However, at that party, my boss told me I could announce that I will be stepping into the role of  the Operations Manager. And while I may not yet be a General Manager as TG predicted years ago, I am closer than I have ever been.

Day # 437. Who says change is a bad thing? It is good to be me!


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