New Facebook friends

I remember when John-Michael was in kindergarten. His teacher's name was Miss Marsantile, and one day he told me he did not like her at all. When I asked why, he informed me that it was because "she keeps calling me John, and I told her that's not my name." His name (John-Michael David) is a combination of my birth father (John Michael) and Dad's (Michael David) names, and he has always been very proud of that.

Yesterday, I received a Facebook friend request from my son, John Slusher. He had a page before, under his full name, but said he forgot the password. While that may be true, a part of me believes he would much rather set up his own account, where I had set his old one up for him. I took a glance through his friends list to make sure there were no creepers or thugs, and smiled a little that I am the only adult on it. Glad he thinks enough of Tiffany and I that we can be considered friends.

A couple minutes later a new notification came down. Friend request from Rebekah, his girlfriend. "Hmmm", "I thought, is that a Pandora's box we want to open?" After all, I spend a lot of time on the blog doting on the kids, and probably saying things that would embarrass that man my son has become. Yet if I do not accept, will her feelings be hurt? We really like this girl he is dating and would not want her to feel uneasy around us at all. So we added another friend to our own list.

When I first started my own Facebook page, in 2008, I friended my mother. She had an account, but had yet to do anything with it. It was a newer app then, and didn't have all the functionality it does now. I am sure that if she were here today, she would be on all the time! She probably would be a Facebook gamer, seeing as how she got addicted to Duck Hunt when we got our first Nintendo. But she would have loved a digital scrapbook to share her pictures and stories with the world.  I wish I could have seen that. I wish we all could have seen that.

As I laid in bed last night I thought about the two people I added an hour before. If Facebook had been around when I was in high school, would I have been friends with my Mom? Would I have used my cell phone to text my parents throughout the day just to chat, as John does now? I like to think that my Mom and I were close enough that I would have, but who knows for sure? Although, if she had a page today, I am certain John-Michael.......err.............John........ would be friends with her for sure.

Day # 441. We should talk my Dad into getting a Facebook. That would be as strange as when my Grandma friended me a few years ago. It is good to be me!


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