Terrible, how could anyone actually eat that?

Through the years my pallet has changed quite a bit. From seafood to Chinese cuisine, there are a lot of foods I would never try when I was younger that are in my regular rotation now. Yet some things never change.

I don't like chocolate. Now, I don't mean all chocolate. I enjoy me some Reese Cups, and I have never been one to turn down a Little Debbie Fudge Round. But the dark, bitter chocolate that most people consider decadent doesn't sit well on my pallet. It is one of very few foods I don't like. Growing up, my Dad used to say my sister and brother were very picky, but I was easy to shop for. I like everything, with a few exceptions.

Every time I order a salad at a restaurant, I always say to the server that "cucumber should not even be on the table where my salad was made" (although I love pickles, go figure). I am not a fan of cantaloupe either,as I think that is a texture deal more than anything.  And don't even get me started on this Italian thing Tiffany makes with bread crumbs called Frogia. Yuck. Might as well be dog vomit. And then, worst of all, watermelon.

Summer break is approaching quickly, though you would never know by the 34 degrees I woke up to this morning. Seriously, in Ohio, we don't put away our winter coats til Labor Day. However, in less than 2 weeks, the guys will be out of school. And in our house that means there are usually 2 or 3 extra boys hanging around.

As a prelude to that, each of the older two boys had friends over this Saturday. When my guys asked if their guests could stay for dinner, Little Red went to work doing what she does best: taking care of us and cooking. She ran to the store and bought enough food for a feast. Meatloaf, Mac and cheese, corn, peas, potatoes, and corn bread were on the menu for our impromptu dinner party. And for dessert, a choice of chocolate pie or my old nemesis, watermelon. I enjoyed the pie very much!

I have always wondered what makes me hate something that everyone else seems to love. About 20 years ago, at a family reunion in Virginia, I decided to try it again just to make sure. Perhaps my pallet had changed from when I was a kid.  I bit some off, had it in my mouth for only a second, then spit it back out. Terrible, how could anyone actually eat that? Still didn't like watermelon.

But you just never know, right?

So today, when Tiffany was having leftover watermelon for lunch, I asked her to cut a small piece off. After all, my life has completely changed from the last time I tried it. I don't smoke, or even drink pop anymore. And since giving up both of those things, I have noticed how much better food tastes over all.  So what the heck, YOLO as Ben would say. The result?

Terrible, how could anyone actually eat that?

So I wrote this post. Because the next time I decide to test my pallet, I can go back in time and see how it turned out today.

Day # 440. I love that my guys would rather hang out with their friends at home than be out running around doing God knows what. It is good to be me.


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