A Burlap Sack

I am not going to be all apologetic about my extended absence from the blog recently. As it does, life was happening and finding the time to sit down and chronicle my thoughts recently has been a little more difficult than it has been in the past. But on this beautiful Monday morning, I felt the need to sit down and update myself on where the road has been taking me recently.

I bought a burlap sack Saturday at a thrift store near my home. I had never bought one of these bags before, but for 59 cents it was too cool looking to pass up. When we got home, Tiffany and I decided the best place for it was on the wall behind the dining room table. We hung it up, and it looks terrific there. But that piece of decoration is not really what this blog is about.

I have spent a lot of time in thrift stores recently. They are the kinds of places you can find cool treasures on every shelf. A carved wooden message for just inside the front door, a bright red and gaudy shelf with coat pegs on it for the winter, a Gen X version of Trivial Pursuit, and even the occasional burlap sack keep me coming back for more. It is one of those things. One of our things. From these weekly scavenger hunts through secondhand stores to our ice cream cone date nights to just driving to drive and see what it out there, my belief that I have found what I am looking for, what has been missing in my life, grows stronger everyday. It's a great feeling, this happiness thing. Never having to think about if that other shoe is going to fall or question if what I see in front of me is real. As we live this life that we have created together, I understand how lucky I am to have her beside me and how anxious I am to see what the next day will bring.

There is going to come a time when I will not have her anymore. I think about that everyday. The same disease that stole my mother from me will also claim the life of this this person who has turned my world upside down. When that days happens, I hope I am able to remember that I was allowed to share the best days of my life with her. And that I am truly grateful for having this time with her. She has taught me that no matter how bad it is, someone else always has it worse. She has shown me that true love can come at any time, in any form, and when you least expect it. She has helped me see that a limited time of real happiness is better than a lifetime of contentment. And she has shown me the true value of a .59 cent burlap sack.


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