Another day, another dollar

Ever been to a dollar store? Dollar tree, Dollar General, Family Dollar, etc? They are the new wave of discount chain that are becoming big business. I am a frequent dollar store customer myself, as there is one such retail establishment just up the street. Very convenient. And with their growing grocery sections and wide varieties, it makes my trips to the hated Morse Road Wal-Mart avoidable all together.

Now imagine a small fire in one of these dollar stores. Not a big, destroy the merchandise and tear the store down kind of thing. But a small fire, with a lot of smoke and soot. One where all of the product needs not to be disposed of, but rather to be cleaned. And that is where you will find The Mammoth right now.

It started about 2 weeks ago with a small fire in their cooler that holds the milk. They called me to take a look. I set an appointment and headed that way, only to be turned around because another company had beaten me to the punch. Fire Chasers. Hate them.

But then it occurred to me what a fire chaser sees. A commercial fire, where the store will be more concerned about opening than price, is a gold mine. Most of the time estimates are submitted with that in mind. Price gouging. See why I hate them?

We do not do business like that. And, having worked with this chain of discount joints before, I though maybe I would get another shot. And I did. And we got it.

We started our work on Tuesday and worked all week. My turn date is October 7, and there is a lot to be done. Everything on the shelves needs cleaned, and so do the shelves themselves. There is ceiling work to be done, drywall to be hung , insulation to be replaced, floors to be fixed and buffed, painting of the walls, environmental concerns.

 In other words, it is a big project, with many different moving pieces. But its no sewage treatment plant. Or scrap metal plant. Or shopping mall, hospital system, or convention center. In other words, between my awesome staff and myself, we got this

Still day # 573. Love running big projects, especially for great clients. It is good to be me!


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