It's better to be lazy than stupid

Looking back at high school, I have to think that one of my most influential teachers was Mr. Mueser. Kind of a cross between Sheldon Cooper, Steve Correll, and Mr. Spock, this math instructor always made the material fun and interactive. I loved going to his classes everyday. And while I always struggled getting the answer, his unique teaching methods left a lasting impression on me. To this day, I can still hear him explaining The Pythagorean Theorem in my head.

I am not a math guy like my son Tanner or my birth father. Don't get me wrong, I can add and multiply in my head, even measurements and fractions. But I never was able to wrap my head around logarithms and exponentiation. Even when I was in Mueser's 6th period classroom in "B" building, I knew I would not take any of what he was teaching with me. Except, maybe I did.

See I am an avid pool player. Not great, not bad, always loved shooting stick. Last weekend, at the family reunion, I was playing a game on my Uncle Ronnie's awesome table with my oldest, John-Michael. I was explaining to him that pool is all about the right angle, and that a good way to become a better shot was to understand geometry. He replied that he was terrible at Math. I told him that was an excuse, and whether he thinks he can or cannot do anything in life, he is right. He rolled his eyes (another dadism dismissed) and took his shot. He missed, and I ran the table on him. "See. Math!" I proclaimed.

Today, I went on the world famous home access center for parents to check the boys grades. It has become my favorite webpage since I discovered the ability to spy on the boys daily school work. And, just as I was distressed to see his 13% in English last school year, the 43% he had in Algebra II today threw up red flags once again. So it was talk time.

"What's the deal, son?" Tiffany asked. "Is their too much girlfriend time? Too many clubs and activities?" I added. "What is the problem?" we must have asked 20 times. "Why aren't you turning in your work?" Finally he gave an answer, and it is not what we were expecting.

"Because it's better to be lazy than stupid!"

We were shocked, and asked him to elaborate. He explained that he didn't want to make it look like he was dumb. In other words, he found it easier to face the thought that he is lazy than the embarrassment of asking for help.

That was as honest as it gets, I think. And I respect him for that. After all, he is a Slusher. And pride runs in our family. We are proud of the name. Proud of the heritage. And sometimes, a little too proud for our own good.

Think my son might need a little math help. Any tutors out there?

Day # 553. The Pythagorean Theorem.

Come on all you 40 something GLHS kids, you know you can hear him saying it!

It is good to be me!


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