What is that?

Giving my notice yesterday was not easy for me. I was stressed out both before and after I sent the email to my boss to let him know. After I broke the news, both at work and on my facebook page, I received quite a few phone calls and emails asking me why, requesting that I re-consider, and telling me that I will be missed. While I appreciated the word of my friends at work, by the end of the day I was ready to get it all off my mind.

When I got home Tiffany told me that the refrigerator was broken. When I asked what she meant, she told me to go look at it. I opened the door and discovered two things - number one, the appliance was working fine. And two, a freshly made batch of banana pudding. Now, anyone who knows me is well aware of my weakness for this particular dessert. So as I grinned from ear to ear, she told me she had never made it before and hoped I would like it.

We went out to dinner at a local steakhouse a little while later. As usual, we sat and talked and laughed while we awaited our dinner. Its funny to me how we can spend so much time together, and still never run out of things to say. Its another one of those little things I am always talking about. On a day when she knew I was a walking ball of nerves, she surprised me with my favorite dessert and took me to a steak dinner. She always knows just what to say or do to help put everything into perspective. So when she suggested a thrift store to round out the evening, it was a no brainer.

When we take our trips to these stores, I am always looking for something truly unique. We have a very different look to our home, and I have found it difficult to describe. A lot of the items are  antique, a little gaudy, and frankly leave people asking what they are. Yet they all flow together and the condo is very well appointed. Recently, I have decided to call the decor "Tiffany" because it truly fits her quirkiness to a tee. So last night as we were browsing, she picked up something and said "what is that?". I told her I didn't know, but we had to get it because it was totally Tiffany. Thirteen dollars later we put it in the truck and took it home.

This bowl is very large, very heavy, and looks like it has been made from a cheese wheel. It has the words parmigiano reggiano stenciled all over the outside of it. The bottom is made out of wood, but the rest of it actually looks like someone carved out a wheel of parmigian cheese. I had to look it up online. And in disbelief, I found it. It is a restaurant display piece and retails for $159 dollars. Not that we cared what its worth, only that it fits into our little eclectic collection on top of the antique buffet and just below the old wooden window that hangs on the wall. Another successful thrift store scavenger hunt.

Then I had the banana pudding. I swear this woman could cook a shoe and make it great:)

Have a great day all......................


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