Fake it til you make it

Those are the words I read on a friends facebook page this morning. Fake it til you make it. I had been pondering for a couple days what my next blog post would be. Started a few, stopped though, and filed them in the unpublished folder. But this expression spoke to me this morning. Because I think we are all guilty of this from time to time. The words can have so many different meanings though.

Its Tuesday, and things have been relatively normal today. A shouting match between my boss and a colleague is not an unusual occurrence in my office. As a matter of fact, if we go more than a few days without one of these blow ups between the GM and a member of the staff here, people take note because it is truly out of the ordinary. Some of my co-workers would tell you that there are very sinister things at work here, and to a large extent I believe that, though I wouldn't actually tell anyone around me. None of these people need to know the real reasons I am leaving, though most of them suspect the true motives are rooted in the environment we work in daily. And they would not be wrong. But I wonder if there is a small part of the faking it til he makes it philosophy bouncing around his head. Never having been out in the position he is in, I am sure he is still learning how to be an effective people manager.Maybe he is trying to hide his deficiencies until he learns these skills. The issue with that is there should be an end to the means. And I would make a bet the day he masters them will never arrive.

To some extent, I think I have also been faking it til I make it. My profession encompasses a very broad spectrum of of skill sets. From personal property to building reconstruction, mold remediation to flood clean up, there is a lot of knowledge to retain and very specific areas of expertise. I know what my stronger points are, and I know where I am not the most valuable resource. However, in trying to make the most of my career, there are times where I have tried to cover my deficiencies to be a better asset to the company as a whole. And while I can hold my own, returning to an area of expertise for me will not only be good for my career, but will make all the difference in the world in my comfort and stress levels as well.

I think the difference between me and my boss is knowing when and where you draw the line. Discovering when you are going to make it and when you need to change direction. While I decided to make the transition to something new on my own, I have a feeling that his change may be a form of Karma coming back to say hello. I wish I could be around to see that day. But I will be confronting new challenges and hopefully doing a little less faking it and a little more making it.

Have a great day everyone............


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