Monday morning blahs

This morning I returned my boys to their mothers house just before they were to head off to school. Not different than a lot of Monday mornings, but this one was a little harder on me because I had spent the last week and a half with them. I enjoy spending every moment I have with them, and when they are home for an extended period of time, it makes me wish they did not have to go back. But it is what it is, so I kissed them good bye and told them I was looking forward to their return trip Thursday. then it was off to work.

As I begin my final week with Belfor, a few things stick out to me like a sore thumb. The first is the lack of work I have now. Most of my projects have wrapped up, and the ones that are ongoing have been passed onto to others. I have packed up my office, taking my personal belongings home and putting the rest in boxes that will be placed on a shelf filled with the same thing from other estimators that have moved on. My office is empty, walls are bare as it awaits the next new person to come in and call it home.

Another aspect of my leaving is the number of my colleagues that have called me to wish me luck and ask if I really wanted to leave. They have thrown out many different options I could follow within the company to keep me a part of the team. From Baltimore to Texas to Atlanta, these people have really made me feel good about my time here. But it funny how as they have called, no one locally seems to think the same way. My current boss has barely acknowledged me since I gave notice, and my area manager hasn't said a word to me about my leaving a company I have been fiercely loyal to for five years. Not that it would matter, mind you, as the decision to leave has already been made. But I guess it disappoints me that they don't think of me the way so many others at Belfor do. However, once again I go back to my favorite expression. It is what it is. In a week none of this will matter, though I will be better off for the experience I gained here and the people I got to know all over the country.

On an unrelated note, today is my fiancee's birthday. Since she came into my life, everything has changed. And I couldn't be happier. In the past, a day like today when things get to me like I mentioned above, it could have led to a week or more of me just not feeling myself and being down. Now, though, I know that when I leave here I get to go home to her. We will talk and laugh and she will find a way to help me put it all in perspective, as she always does. I am grateful to have her, excited about our future together, and look forward to her being by my side as I transition into a new phase in life.

Happy Birthday Tiffany! And thank you....................for everything! I love you:)

Have a great day everyone..................


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