Now we are cooking

Today was much cooler here in Santiago. On most days I will wear a pullover most days for only the first hour, but today I had to put it back on at 4 because of the chill in the air. The rainy season (what we call winter) starts in a few weeks, today may beginning the transition. That means we have to really step up the pace on the job, get everything ready for the moisture.

I got a lot accomplished today. We are starting to run very smoothly. Supplies and equipment are arriving on schedule, our stock of items we use a lot of is growing by the minte seemingly, and the communication on the site is great. There are times since I have been with Belfor that I have sat back in awe of what we as a company can do. This is one of those times.

As some of you may know I am leaving here in the next few days headed back to the states for personal reasons. On one hand I am sad to leave as I like the city and Chile in general, on the other hand I cant wait to see those who I am missing at home:) Should be a great homecoming.

Hope all is well at home. I keep hearing of quakes n indonesia, Mexico, and possibly West Virginia. Makes me wonder what is going on here. Until tomorrow, Adios and vaya con Dios..........


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