Easter Service and Tremors.............

Today had to be the most interesting day in Chile so far. There was a morning worship service before work, with one of our project managers who is also a minister delivering an Easter Sermon. And although only 5 of us were there, it was still a moving service. I have been to 37 Easter Sundays in my life, mostly in a suit and tie with a thousand people there and Easter dinner\Passover Satre awaiting. After listening to Hensell Morris speak, with all he has been through, about how lucky he is to have Jesus Christ as his personal Savior, I know there is no place on this Earth I would have rather been for Easter Sunday Service than that tent in Lampo, Santiago Chile.
After that it was back to work. I drove to the mall where Sodimac and Lider are, and I didn't get lost. YAY for me! I then took two colleagues who had been traveling for almost 20 hours to the hotel to rest. Then back to the site. And thats when the aftershocks started. A shake of my office trailer reminded me that we were still very much in a hot zone. Another and another, putting everyone on edge. See the buildings we are working in are very unstable due to the Earthquake damage they sustained. Any shifting could lead to their collapse. And today happened to be the day we had over 100 people in the most fragile structure on site. A very dangerous place without the ground shaking. In all we felt 8 tremors today, but no more after 5 o clock (we are on Eastern time with a time change yesterday BTW). Hope things stay calm now until I depart, though I will worry about my team still in country.
The rest of the day was uneventful on site, just the normal bustle of a busy Belfor work area. We finished up well after the sun set, with mosquitoes overtaking the end of day meeting and all of us anxious to get out.
The day ended so funny. Imagine having dinner, and in the restaurant having a TV playing an American movie with Spanish Voice overs mimicking the characters. Now imagine that movie is The Beverly Hillbillies! It was so funny to listen and to watch the native patrons of the restaurant watch the movie for the first time. Wonder what tomorrows old American flick will be?
As I wind down now and get ready for bed, the breeze is blowing in the patio doors. The sounds of the city are somehow soothing. And another aftershock just shook me as I sit here. A very strong one. Wow.
Less than 2 weeks ago I went to sleep dreaming of Chile and what awaited me here. Now tonite I will go to sleep and dream of home and whats waiting for me there. Until tomorrow, Adios and Vaya con Dios.........................


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