I mean Really?

My good friend Julie recently lamented about Murphy's Law on her Facebook page. How Murphy was supposedly an optimistist. But really, I am losing my optimism about this place I am staying in (don't know whether to call it hotel or motel) When I arrived in Chile, my suite was at the Marriott. As the pictures showed, I had a great view and stayed very comfortably there until I was told to switch to this place. And Murphy's Law kicked in. The first 3 nghts I was in 3 different rooms as they tried to make the internet work on my computer (Just doesnt work in your room is what I was told) The first two rooms were only slightly bigger than a mop closet, with a tiny shower I could barely fit in. But the third, oh sweet victory, as this room had the internet, and more. A shower I could turn around in. A king size bed with plenty of room around it. And for 3 glorious days I enjoyed that room. Until last night, when all of the sudden I heard gurgling coming from the bathroom. Doing what i do for a living, I immediately tacked down the source. Sewer water was standing in my shower, It was coming up my sink. It was 11 o clock. i called the desk. For the next three hours a maintenace crew worked in my bathroom, I tried to sleep but the cound of the snake running through the toilet, clanging and banging, kept waking me up. Finaly at 2 am the manager offered me another room. I went to it. It was only slightly smaller than a mop closet. I kid you not when I say the twin bed was too big for the room, as it hung into the doorway by more than a foot. There was no room to walk. And the shower was so small. I said I will use this shower in the morning, but I am going back to my room and you are leaving. They agreed to that. Wow
So you think thats a bad night? Well I got up at 5:30 am and went to the shower in the other room. Only to discover it was now full of sewer water as well. I called the desk. And waited. And waited. Til 6:30. When they finally gave me the key to my original room on the 9th floor (I was on the 4th) to go shower in. Knowing I was now going to be late, I rushed through my shower and off to work. It was a glorious 8 hours that adds to my Chilean Adventure. Thanks Jules for the Murphys Law wuote. my only question is what else could go wrong.
Oh and work was good, my replacement is here, all I have to do now is get him acclimated to the country, city traffic, smog, currency, people, traditions, customs, and the hotel. Piece of cake right.....
I will not be blogging tomorrow. I have plans. We shall see about Friday, But I know I have a very busy afternoon and evening that day too. So until the next time, Adios and Vaya con Dios...........


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