I'm Back, sorry for the interruption...........

Two days ago I changed hotels. The first night the internet only worked for a little while. By the time it came up I was worn down after a long day on the job. Yesterday was just as long but I was determined to blog. I got back to the hotel and the internet was down. This hotel is not the Marriott. The original room I was in was 12X12 with a tiny little bathroom. Its supposed to be an American type hotel, not sure where they got the specs lol. But tonite I got a new room where the internet works (yes it matters what room you are in). This room is nicer, a suite with 2 rooms. And a balcony that overlooks the small square that bustles with people 24 hours a day. As I sit overlooking the streets, it kind of reminds me of downtown Boston. People coming and going, buses running at a fever pace, and me sitting up here watching life happen in Santiago Chile
The past 2 days have been a mix of good and bad. The bad - its very difficult to order supplies in a country where there are no comapnies that do what we do. Thats right, we are the only game in town. So having to order supplies from other countries, going to the Walmart (called Lider her, but Walmart owned) and buying close to what I need, then adapting it, or spend hours online looking up what we need is very frustrating. Especially when you have over 200 people depending on you ordering so they can continue to work. And this weekend is a National Holiday here, Friday thru Sunday. So thats the bad. The good? The mountains are starting to peak through the smog. I had heard about the snow caps and today I saw them for the first time. Pic is on facebook, look closely. They are hard to see but AMAZINGLY beautiful. The food choices are better in this neighborhood than where the old hotel was. A picture of my favorite place, a Peruvian Cafe, is also on FB. There are 30 more just like it within 5 blocks of here. This hotel is more downtwon, in old Santiago, or Santuago Antigue, as they call it.
Other observations I have. First there have to be a million stray dogs here. They are everywhere. But there are no droppings at all. I wish we could teach Oliver that lol. Oh and I havent't seen a single cat. Also the city at night gets trashed with all the activity but when I leave at 7 am, the streets are pristine clean. Lots of pride in their city here.
So far overall this experience has been one I will never forget. This is a beautiful nation with very nice and humble people who live differently than us. In a city the size of New York, with 7 million citizens, the pace is just slower and people are so relaxed. Except on the roads. Then its a cross between Bristol Motor Speedway and a crash up derby.
I have enjoyed my time here, but it will end. Soon. Sooner than anyone knows. I have a return date to the states. But in the interest of surprising my boys I am not divulging it here.
More tomorrow until then, Adios and Vaya con Dios.................


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