Flying by the seat of our pants............

The city of Santiago, for those who don't know, is built in a bowl. Mountains surround this huge sity of 7 million. That means that all the exhaust and industrial fumes go directly above the ccity and just sit. the smog is so think you can see it, and it becomes hareder to breathe here every day.
Today was a good day in our man vs. natural disaster world. Much of the last seven days have been spent running out of supplies that I cannot find in the city. Today though we hit a gold mine. In one city block downtown we found 90% of what we will need on this project. In stock. Ready for use. We loaded the truck full 3 times today. And just in time. A walk through wih the client today found them to be beeming with delight at the progress we made. At the evening meeting I looked at a colleague and said you know, if you didn't know any better, you'd think we know what we are doing. The truth is we do know. This is what we do. From the project manager to the laborers, everyone knows and understands their role. And they work to make it happen. We go balls to the wall. I have been asked if I have been to the beach or done shopping. The answer is no. I work sun up til sundown 7 days a week on this job. And I have it easy. Air conditioned office where my desk is. Air conditioned van to haul supplies in. The real heroes of this job are the guys on the roof in 100 degree heat using fire to wrap a builiding so its water tight. The teams carrying boxes out of a building that has half collapsed. Or the people doing the administration of the job, crammed in a 9X9 non air conditioned room where the it is so hot that you sweat just sitting there. They are all a part of the train that makes this company go. And I am so proud to be a part of this team.
The drive to the hotel took over an hour tonight. Rush hour here is like rush hour in NYC on crack. I watched a city bus bump a truck from behind today because the truck wasnt moving fast enough. Its cray. If I could have one wish about this place (besides no more tremors knock wood) it would be to never hear a car horn again. On the positive side though I am learning my way around the city pretty well.
Tomorrow I may try to find 20 minutes to buy souvenirs. Looking for something in particular and a few things to jump out at me. Lider may be my answer, or one of the little shops around it. I will see what I can find.
Well its time for bed. Until tomorrow, Adios and vaya con Dios...........


  1. Thanks for the update dude...keep em coming. .ur in my thoughts daily,


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