Vacation memories 11-21-17

Yesterday for, the most part, was a day of rest for me and my family. After driving all day Saturday and walking all over Boston Sunday, I was ready to stay close to the condo. And tough girl Tiffany, who walked better than 3 miles and walked up the steep walkway to get on the USS Constitution, had to take a break. So instead of going on some day long adventure, we made our first trip to the Christmas Tree Shop at Sagamore Bridge. This was my mother's favorite place, and a must visit anytime any one of her children and their families visit the Cape. A couple of Christmas statues, a soap dispenser, and a few Cape Cod Calendars (another tradition) later, we turned and headed to our next destination.

2 years ago, when Little Red and I made our first trip here with the boys (who, like me, had been here before with my parents), we set out to create new traditions for our family. On one of the days in 2015, we gave them boys choice.Wherever they wanted to go, whatever they wanted to do, that was the days plan. And the first place they wanted to go was unanimous: The Cape Cod Mall. And that was our second stop yesterday.

Tiffany and I sat and enjoyed an Aunt Annie's pretzels as the boys went to Game Stop, Hot Topic, and Newbury Comics. I wandered into the latter myself, and walked out with a new magnet for my collection and a new bumper sticker for the green cabinet. The boys blew most of their own small fortunes, and we headed out.

The next stop yesterday was a small Italian Deli in Yarmouth. Located at Main and 28, Anthony's North End Deli is just the kind of place where Tiffany loves to go. Pizzelle cookies, Italian Subs, and Wedding cookies are just a few of the foods on display, and we noted that it reminded us of Bova Bakery in the North End we had visited the day before in Boston. It was a cool place, and a must visit for us from now on.

My awesome wife and I capped the day off with a date night at our favorite restaurant on the Cape. We ate at DiParma Italian Table by chance in 2015. And we were not disappointed. The food was amazing and the steak has left our mouth watering ever since. So when we knew we were coming to back this year, a trip back to this fine dining spot was at the top of our agenda. And we were not disappointed. The Steak melted in our mouths. The appetizer (deep fried lasagna sticks) were out of sight. The ambiance was perfect, and our server Bob was maybe the best server we have ever had. It was an amazing evening and we are already ready to go back next year.

With full bellies, we left there and headed back to the condo.It was time to rest and prepare for a morning of sight seeing followed by a lunch that has been months in the making.

After spending the morning at Cape Cod National Sea Shore and hitting a few light houses, our family headed back towards Boston. Over the Sagamore bridge and up route 3, we exited in Hingham. Familiar territory, as this is how we get to Wahlburger's, And that's where lunch was planned today. 2 years ago Alma Wahlburg (Mark and Donnie's Mom) had lunch with us, and we are always looking for a one of the famous brothers to pop in while we are there. But today, while there were no celebrities in sight, our company was the best we have ever had at that place. See, today, my wife met Steve.

Who is Steve, you ask?

Steve Cecere and my Tiffany first connected in a Facebook group a few months ago. This group is for other people who have LVAD's and their families. Over the last 6 or 7 months, we have developed a friendship with him, and he has become Tiffany's "mentor' as she walks this road. Since he has lived everything she is going through, he has been able to offer her support and advice from a first hand experience. As much as I , and really all of you, are supportive of her, that is something only another LVAD patient can give. We are grateful for his words of wisdom and encouragement, and cheered out loud on  September 7th of this year when he got the call for his new heart.

So yeah, that's Steve.

It was great to meet him in person. He looks great, and his story is a source of inspiration for my Little Red. Even though he is a _ichigan fan and "The Game" is Saturday, it was truly a pleasure to sit down to lunch with him.

There is a picture of Him and Tiffany below, along with a ton more from the last two days. Make sure to check out the captions.

Day # 1726. Tomorrow will be a day of driving the Cape to see what we can find. It will be another day that it is good to be me!

The Christmas Tree Shop

At the Mall

I love the views here. There are a ton of these, sorry

I was here:)

My mini me

This is what my version of Paradise on Earth costs, if you are interested!

I am a lucky man

Yum -  DiParma dinner

Today's sunrise

Nauset Light

At the Three Sisters

Tiff and I at the Cape Cod National Sea Shore

The LVADDER's. Whats wrong with this pic?

My wife and Steve

The Ocean Club on Smuggler's Beach


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