Vacation memories 11-19-2017

At 4:45 am yesterday morning, Ben and I got in the car to start "the drive." Little Red and Tanner had already made the trek the previous two days, along with our friend Sara Burnham, so that left my 17 year old son and I as road trip buddies as we began the 817 mile trek before the sun even thought about hitting the horizon.

It started raining about 35 minutes into our trip. Light precipitation at first, then growing heavier and heavier. By Akron it was hard to see the road. But it kept raining. When we crossed into Pennsylvania I thought it might be letting up. But it just rained harder. Through Scranton. Into New York. And only when we got to within 100 miles of our destination did it stop. After nearly 14 hours, we pulled into the Ocean Club on Smuggler's Beach in South Yarmouth, Massachusetts. And we started our week on Cape Cod.

After Day 1, I would tell you the drive was completely worth it.

We drove and hour and a half this morning to Quincy and parked the car. We jumped on the train and took the red line to South Station, in the heart of Dowtown Boston. It poured on us as we walked another 7/10ths of a mile to the Marriott near the harbor, where we jumped on the trolley to the Paul Revere House and Little Italy. We toured the historic site, then had lunch at Regina Pizzeria because we were told it was the best in town. And we now agree with that assessment. Apparently, so do Robert DeNiro, Leonardo DeCaprio, Kevin James, and a slew of other celebrities who had their autographed pictures on the walls with hand written testimonials across the bottom.

From there, we jumped back on the trolley and went to tour the USS Constitution and the USS Cassin Young, close to Bunker Hill (we did not visit the battlefield as the winds made staying outside almost unbearable). We took the rest of the trolley tour, hearing stories about General Hooker and the women he allowed to accompany his troops (that's why we call them Hookers), about Whitey Bulger and all the mob movies filmed there, the financial district and where JFK proposed to Jackie O, and even the new and old statehouses. We drove around the Commons and saw the Cheers bar before jumping back off and heading towards the train, as we were all pretty worn out. A stop in Hingham at the original Wahlburgers before making the trek back to the Cape and turning in for the night.

Tomorrow is going to be a lazy day as I need to recover from the drive and Little Red has to make sure the 3+ miles she walked today do not catch up with her.

Day # 1724. As you browse though the photos below, you will see a ton of reason it is good to be me!

(Make sure you read the captions)
Smugglers Beach

Couple of Showboats

Tanner is keeping this from falling over!

Sara's new friend

Love my family!

Little Red had to go in

USS Constitution

Tiffany climbed this ramp!!!

USS Cassin Young

From our balcony

Downtown Boston

The American Flag over the USS Constitution, with the North End skyline in the backgroud

The boys in front of Wahlburgers

More downtown

This girl is a rock star!

You know you are jealous of my Wahlburgers Triple Decker

More tomorrow everyone!!!!


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